Instant Download; Test Bank for Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 6th Edition By Patricia Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert

Instant Download; Test Bank for Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, 6th Edition By Patricia Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert
Edition : 6
Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital, Nursing, Surgical, Clinical
Author : Patricia Potter, Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia Stockert
Publisher : Elsevier/Saunders
ISBN : 9781771721134
Print ISBN : 9781771721141
eText ISBN : 9781771721158
File Type : ZIP
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With a greater emphasis on, and integration of, interprofessional collaboration, health literacy, and clinical reasoning, Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, Sixth Edition provides you with the solid educational foundation to learn nursing principles, concepts, and skills with ease. The text’s proven, reader-friendly approach describes the principles, concepts, and skills essential to your success. The Sixth edition includes new chapters focused on the health needs of Indigenous people along with information on how to collaborate among interprofessional disciplines. Thoroughly reviewed by Canadian nursing experts, this edition ensures that you are well prepared to practise in Canada.

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Unit 1: Health and Health Care in Canada
    1. Health and Wellness
    2. The Canadian Health Care Delivery System
    3. The Development of Nursing in Canada
    4. Community Health Nursing Practice

Unit II: Foundations of Nursing Practice
    5. Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice
    6. Evidence-Informed Practice
    7. Nursing Values and Ethics
    8. Legal Implications in Nursing Practice
    9. Global Health
    10. Indigenous Health (NEW)
    11. Nursing Leadership, Management, and Collaborative Practice

Unit III: Approaches to Nursing Care
    12. Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice
    13. Nursing Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning
    14. Implementing and Evaluating Nursing Care
    15. Documenting and Reporting
    16. Nursing Informatics and Canadian Nursing Practice

Unit IV: Working with Patients and Families
    17. Communication and Relational Practice
    18. Patient-Centred Care: Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (NEW)
    19. Family Nursing
    20. Patient Education

Unit V: Caring Throughout the Lifespan
    21. Developmental Theories
    22. Conception Through Adolescence
    23. Young to Middle Adulthood
    24. Older Persons
    25. The Experience of Loss, Death, and Grief

Unit VI: Psychosocial Considerations
    26. Self-Concept
    27. Sexuality
    28. Spirituality in Health and Health Care
    29. Stress and Adaptation

Unit VII: Scientific Basis for Nursing Practice
    30. Vital Signs
    31. Pain Assessment and Management
    32. Health Assessment and Physical Examination
    33. Infection Prevention and Control
    34. Medication Administration
    35. Complementary and Alternative Approaches in Health Care

Unit VIII: Basic Physiological Needs
    36. Activity and Exercise
    37. Quality and Patient Safety
    38. Hygiene
    39. Cardiopulmonary Functioning and Oxygenation
    40. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balances
    41. Sleep
    42. Nutrition
    43. Urinary Elimination
    44. Bowel Elimination

Unit IX: Patients with Special Needs
    45. Mobility and Immobility
    46. Skin Integrity and Wound Care
    47. Sensory Alterations
    48. Care of Surgical Patients

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