Instant Download; Test Bank for What is Life A Guide to Biology, 4th Edition By Jay Phelan

Instant Download; Test Bank for What is Life A Guide to Biology, 4th Edition By Jay Phelan
Edition : 4
Genres : Biology, Medical, Science, Hospital
Author : Jay Phelan
Publisher : W. H. Freeman
ISBN : 9781319106317
Print ISBN : 9781319065454
eText ISBN : 9781319159153
File Type : ZIP
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Does the vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella cause autism?

What is the most common reason that DNA analyses overturn incorrect criminal convictions?

What genetically modified foods do most people in the United States consume (usually without knowing it)?

In his popular classes and bestselling textbooks, Jay Phelan uses questions like these as a way of introducing both the practical impact and awe-inspiring wonder of biological research. Phelan knows how to captivate nonmajors with stories of how scientists investigate life. He is also a master at using the study of biology as a context for developing the critical thinking skills and scientific literacy students can draw on through college and beyond.

Phelan’s dynamic approach to teaching biology is the driving force behind What Is Life?—the most successful new non-majors biology textbook of the millennium. The rigorously updated new edition brings forward the features that made the book a classroom favorite (chapters anchored to intriguing questions about life, spectacular original illustrations, innovative learning tools) with a more focused and flexible presentation and enhanced art.

And more than ever, this edition is a seamless text/media source, with its dedicated version of LaunchPad, Macmillan’s breakthrough online course space which integrates an interactive e-Book, all student media, a wide range of assessment and course management features.

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Part 1. The Facts of Life

1. Scientific thinking

2. The chemistry of biology

3. Molecules of life

4. A tour of the cell

5. Energy

Part 2. Genetics, Evolution, and Behavior

6. DNA and the expression of genes

7. Genomics and biotechnology

8. Chromosomes and cell division

9. Genes and inheritance

Part 3. Evolution and the Diversity of Life

10. Evolution and natural selection

11. Evolution and behavior

12. The origin and diversification of life on earth

13. Animal diversification

14. Plant and Fungi diversity

15. Evolution and diversity among the microbes

Part 4. Ecology and the Environment

16. Population ecology

17. Ecosystems, communities, and species interactions

18. Conservation biology

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